ASK Napa (Association for Shotokan Karate of Napa)...

ASK Napa (Association for Shotokan Karate of Napa)...




 1755 Industrial Way, Unit 22, Napa, CA 94558

The Association for Shotokan Karate of Napa (ASK Napa) teaches the highest standard of traditional karate, an elite martial art focusing on both body and mind.  In addition to getting in shape, the student will achieve that great feeling of being conditioned, stronger, and more coordinated.  Shotokan karate teaches perseverance and respect, promoting confidence and self-discipline.  At ASK Napa, our teachers and students work hard on common goals of personal progress.  Discover what Shotokan Karate is really about, come train in this unique and encouraging environment to learn self defense through true karate.