Jul 16
Beatles' Yellow Submarine Sing-A-Long

Beatles' Yellow Submarine Sing-A-Long

Presented by Cameo Cinema at Cameo Cinema

Fifty years ago, colorful, mustachioed cartoon versions of the Beatles traipsed across the surreal world of Pepperland to defeat the Blue Meanies in the film “Yellow Submarine.” The movie will return to theaters across the United States, Britain and Ireland this summer to celebrate its anniversary and introduce your kids and grandkids to a classic.

The movie’s psychedelic landscapes have been restored in 4k digital resolution; the animation was cleaned up by hand, frame by frame, rather than through automated digital software. Sing-a-long with Beatles songs like “A Day in the Life” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” which have been remixed in 5.1 stereo sound at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded most of their work.

The visionary feature film designed by the great art director Heinz Edelmann can now be experienced in glorious surround sound with the groundbreaking animation presented in stunningly-remastered 4k. Looking and sounding better than ever before, join John, Paul, George and Ringo on the technicolour adventure of a lifetime.  For graphic and digital artists and designers this is a must-see!

Illustrated with mind-bending moving images, YELLOW SUBMARINE tells the story of how The Beatles battle the music-hating Blue Meanies armed only with the power of love.

An exuberant fusion of music, film and art, YELLOW SUBMARINE is a landmark cinematic experience that is as fun and vibrant as it was in 1968. Wine and submarine sandwiches for all! G, 85 MIN

Tickets $10 SING A LONG with The Beatles

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Tickets $10

Phone: 7079639779

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2018/07/16 - 2018/07/16

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Cameo Cinema

1340 Main Street, Saint Helena, CA 94574

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